• One on one - this is my preferred method of working with a new team. Each dog and handler has an individual learning style and I simply find it more suitable to work without the distraction of other that probably do not share the same style or needs. Working service dogs are trained for the skills that their handler needs. I work with each new behavior and get it started so that the handler can then continue with the assigned practice. This technique allows us to move forward at a pace suitable to the dog and handler.

    Dog evaluation - although dogs are capable of many things, not all dogs are candidates for service dog work. It is critical to begin with a likely candidate for the desired work. Dogs are evaluated for solid temperament, desire to work, ability to be comfortable in public situations and trainability. The process enables us to know what we have to begin with. There is no point in attempting to make a dog be something it simply isn't inclined to enjoy.

    Litter evaluation - I do a lot of evaluations of a whole litter. These are done for breeders wanting to have more information on each individual as well as for someone looking for a service dog candidate. I prefer the pups to be 7 weeks of age. This is an evaluation rather than a temperament test.

    Continuation training - training is never finished. There is always upkeep practice to keep the skills polished. Often an owner decides they would like help with something else too. Dogs coming from organizations that are not local also require that the teams work with a trainer a number of hours a year. I design training sessions to facilitate this upkeep work.

    Public access testing - this is an annual requirement for teams from Clickin' Canines. It is also required with other organizations. I am happy to provide testing for established teams that cannot easily get to their original organization, providing the organization will approve me as a tester. Public access testing specifies that the team has been given 120 hours of training and public work to be eligible to take the test.

    Workshops for teams - throughout the year I arrange 1 day workshops for new and established teams. We have a great time polishing skills in a highly distracted environment. Dogs and humans are tired at days end, but the camaraderie and learning together make the experience well worth attending. Workshops are limited to 12 teams.

    Seminars for trainer groups - these are styled to the needs requested by the group. I am happy to work with organizations and their trainers. You choose the area you wish covered and I design a 2 or 3 day course for you. These are hands on workshops with lecture and practical work both covered. Your heads will be full at the end of the course.