Clickin' Canines is owned and operated by -

Rita Martinez

Rita has -

  • Over 30 years professional training experience
  • Over 30 years of scent dog experience
  • Co-founder of 3 non-profit dog organizations
  • Professional member of IAADP
  • Past member of APDT, CPDT
  • Past board member of South Bay Trainers
  • Actively helps with several breed rescue groups
I am fortunate in having a job that gives me great pleasure. There is little as rewarding as working with a person with a disability and watching the development of a working team. Dogs are so very capable and willing to help their caretaker with special needs. My joy is watching new teams develop and succeed, all while having fun.

I do not provide dogs for sale or placement. I work with you and help you choose an appropriate dog for the work you need. Then we train the dog together to suit your particular requirements. I also work with follow-up training for those with a trained dog, as keeping the skills current requires continued work. Many organizations require upkeep training yearly and endorse me for such training.





Diabetic Alert Dog

Rita is, by far, one of the top experts in the U.S. for assistance dog public access, scent and task training.   Being a part of the assistance dog industry for quite a few years, I have had the opportunity to work with and know different foundations and trainers.  I began working with Rita a couple of years ago because she has scent training expertise.  Without fail, she demonstrates a constant commitment to the highest training standards and ethical treatment of both canine and human partner. 

-Tracey Comer


Diabetic Alert Dog

Rita is an amazing trainer. I contacted Rita for help with my son’s diabetic alert dog-we needed a trainer with experience in the specific training of diabetic alert service. There is no one more qualified and experienced than Rita! Her methodology was logical, scientifically based and her ability to teach it allowed our team to make progress quickly. Rita not only understands the dog training aspect, but also the disease ,so she is able to read the dog’s alerting behavior and train this to be more obvious and reliable for the handler. We were thrilled with her training and the difference it made for our dog!

I have a foundation called Dogs for Cures (www.dogsforcures.org)  that’s mission is to improve the lives of type 1 diabetics through the use of service dogs. Some of the teams have been having challenges and have not had much support in training follow through. I was so impressed with Rita’s training that I asked her to help some other diabetic alert service teams here in WA. She was creatively able to put together a webinar for us to learn more positive training techniques, service dog specific behaviors and bridge the distance and scheduling difficulties. Rita’s support and clear teaching style have been extremely beneficial !

-Lisa Kelly
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