What breed of dog can be a service dog?
Many breeds make good service dogs. It depends on what skills the dog will need to perform and what size dog you are comfortalbe with. There is no one breed that is best.

Can my dog be trained to be a service dog?
Any dog being considered for service work must be evaluated prior for temperament, socialization skills, ability to learn specific skills etc. Since working dogs are in the public they need to be appropriate candidates for working partners. It is a tall order for a dog that isn't inclined to enjoy such a public life.

How long does it take to train a working dog?
Dog teams are all unique and the time varies depending on the time spent training. Typically it can take a year or more to get a dog trained to certification level.

Will I have to use a clicker and treats for the rest of my dogs life?
No. The clicker is used as a marker to teach some new behaviors and is faded when the behavior is reliable, as is the food reward.

Do I have to use food as a reward?
No. It is simply a fast and effective motivator. There are other options for rewards.


Do I have to use a clicker?
No, but I ask that you give it a chance if physically able. Verbal markers are not as consistent.

Can my older dog learn by this method?
Dogs of any age can be successful with this method. As with any training style, success is directly related to the time spent practicing and the comfort level of the dog with the job.

Do you use the clicker for all behaviors?
No. Some behaviors are taught with a verbal marker to ease the handlers manual skills. The clicker is just one tool used in the process of training a dog.